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1. yurtadm join error: crictl not found in system path

The node has not installed the container runtime (such as docker), please install the container runtime before joining the node.

2. yurtadm join error: [ERROR FileExisting-conntrack]: conntrack not found in system path

Execute yum install -y conntrack and then re-execute the yurtadm join command.

3. How does yurtadm join support user-provided cni plugins

yurtadm join will pull the specially modified cni binary files by default. For the modified content, please refer to link. If you want to use pre-prepared cni binaries, they should be placed in the directory /opt/cni/bin, and then add the --reuse-cni-bin=true parameter when using yurtadm join .

4. How does yurtadm join support components such as kubelet/kubeadm provided by users

Users can prepare the kubelet and kubeadm components in the PATH environment variable. However, there are some restrictions on the versions of kubelet and kubeadm. yurtadm will check whether the major version and minor version of the component are the same as the cluster Kubernetes Server version (this follows the semver specification). If the versions are inconsistent, Prepared kubelet/kubeadm will be skipped and kubelet/kubeadm will be pulled from the official link according to the Kubernetes Server version.

5. yurtadm join failed to access the node, how to solve it

First, you can analyze the error log of yurtadm join to locate the stage where the error occurred. If the yurthub component cannot be started normally, please refer to yurthub faq