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1. prometheus cannot get the edge node metrics

prometheus cannot get edge node metrics


Troubleshooting method

  1. Log in to the node where the prometheus-pod is located, and check the running log of the prometheus container
$ crictl ps -a
$ crictl logs $containerID<b9a9f9d9fdb1e>


  1. check the prometheus container DNS configuration file resolv.conf to obtain the domain name resolution server address
crictl inspect $containerID<b9a9f9d9fdb1e>


$ cat /var/lib/containerd/io.containerd.grpc.v1.cri/sandboxes/ebdbfc2212eb1390f24f02445e7737c62421c84caef92623/resolv.conf


Get the domain name server nameserver address of the prometheus pod

  1. Use the dig command, set the domain name resolution server to the nameserver address of prometheus, resolve the domain name that the service cannot access, and get the corresponding resolved ip
$ dig @$ Unreachable service domain name <edge-pi-node-02>


If there is no dig command, install the dns toolkit according to the corresponding system as follows

$ apt install dnsutils #ubuntu system
$ yum install bind-utils #centos system
  1. replace the unreachable service domain name with the ip address just resolved in curl command and check if it can be accessed

https://edge-pi-node-02:10250/metrics is replaced by:

$ curl -k -v

If it can be accessed normally, the result of the curl command is as follows, and the node in ipvs mode should have created a virtual service forwarding rule corresponding to the ip