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Version: v1.0


OpenYurt Cluster installation is divided into two parts: Install OpenYurt Control Plane components and join nodes.

Some common problems you may encounter have been listed in the FAQ.

Part 1: Install Control Plane Components

For different situations, there are several ways to install OpenYurt Control Plane components:

  • Manually Setup
    • Recommend to use in a production environment
    • Need to prepare a Kubernetes Control Plane
  • Yurtadm init
    • Use in a test environment
    • Install OpenYurt Control Plane components(including Kubernetes) from scratch.
  • OpenYurt Experience Center
    • Use in a test environment
    • Users can directly obtain a cluster(only include control plane components) with limited permissions after applying for an account on the webpage.
  • YurtCluster
    • Use in a test environment, and will be deprecated in the future.
    • Need to prepare a Kubernetes Control Plane

Part 2: Join Nodes

End users can join nodes into an OpenYurt cluster directly with yurtadm join command or install OpenYurt node components manually on the already joined node.